College or Equivalent Internships


For those who have completed one year of college or its equivalent. Also eligible are graduated high schoolers or its equivalent that have completed a junior internship and have a letter of recommendation from their previous junior intern supervisor


Paid or Unpaid


Full-time or part-time

School credit

Volunteer, Community Service Hours, or School Credit available


Free housing is available for summer interns who live outside of the Overland Park area. You will stay in a host home from a member of our church

College or Equivalent Internship Opportunities

There are no open positions of this type. Please check back soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

For interns to acquire real-world, hands-on experience in their field of choice

15-25 for part-time and 30-40 for full-time

No, Grace Church Interns are not eligible for our benefits
Interns are for college students or equivalent and Junior Interns are for highschool students or equivalent
  • Be on time and ready to work
  • Take initiative to get things done
  • Attend a Grace Explore and Discover class
  • Maintain high integrity and high intensity
  • Be flexible
  • Sign and abide by the Grace Confidentiality Policy and Grace Moral Integrity Policy
  • Respond promptly