Growth Path

Our vision at Grace is to help everyone become an
outward-focused follower of Jesus.

To accomplish this, we’ve developed a Growth Path, so that wherever you are on your spiritual journey you will always know your next steps. The Growth Path is linear, progressing from one stage to the next - but we also believe these three things should be happening consistently in our lives. We should always be connecting to Jesus and His church, always growing in our relationship with Jesus and others, and always going to share Jesus with those who need him. Our Growth Path is explained in more detail in the links below. We encourage you to dig in and learn more about becoming an outward-focused follower of Jesus.

The Growth Path is all about connecting with Jesus and learning to follow him. He lived a perfect life and became a sacrifice for our sins in death so that we could experience a relationship with him. The first step on the path of spritual growth is believing in Jesus and asking him to be your Lord.

This one hour session is designed for you to experience the heart behind Grace Church and why we exist. Come find out about the story, values, mission and vision of Grace. Bring your questions for the Q&A time! This session is a great place to help determine if Grace will be a good church home for you!

Joining a team allows us to become the hands and feet of Jesus to those in the church, in the community and in the world. Our growth in Christ is often shown by our passion to serve others as we use our God-given gifts and abilities. Want to see a dramatic change in your life? Begin by serving those whom God has placed around you!

Grace Groups, on average, are six to twelve adults who meet regularly throughout the year to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. You’ll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible, as you encourage others to do the same. Grace Groups meet on various days, times, and locations.

Grace Studies are places where you can grow spiritually while connecting with others. Studies are typically 6-8 weeks, covering a variety of topics and are offered online and on campus throughout the year.

A Huddle is a gender specific, closed group of three to five believers who commit to weekly gatherings over twelve months for the purpose of accelerated spiritual growth. Huddles are centered around five spiritual disciplines that each member incorporates into their weekly rhythm with Jesus: scripture reading, scripture memory, journaling, prayer, and accountability. Huddles form through pre-existing, meaningful relationships with other believers in environments like a Grace Group. To learn more about huddles click the button below.

Our blog provides a steady stream of written worship to help you see the beauty of Christ more clearly, be transformed by His love, rejoice in His goodness, and overflow in love and joy with everyone you encounter. Check out our blog below. Don't forget to subscribe for email notifications about new blog posts.

We deeply believe in providing hope through the gospel of Jesus to the people in the Kansas City area. We serve locally with 8 partners and provide monthly outreach events for you to get involved with.

It is our ambition to share the story of Jesus locally, throughout the United States, and among unreached people groups in the world. These are groups of people where the evangelical population is less than 2%. We want to provide you with opportunities to serve globally among these groups using the skills, gifts, and desires that God has given you on short term mission trips.

At Grace Church we are committed to plant 100 new churches or campuses by 2036. We are excited for this new journey we are on and we invite you to take part in it.