In December of 2019, Grace started a 25 month generosity Initiative. Throughout that time we have seen God do incredible things. We have seen eight new church plants and missionary couples be sent out, our Olathe campus found a temporary place to call home and is moving forward in building a new facility for their campus, and so much more. To celebrate what God has done through Grace and our community watch the videos below.

All In Update


ALL IN is a 25-month initiative at Grace (from December 1, 2019 through December 31, 2021) to challenge all of us to grow in generosity. We encourage you to ask God how He wants you to grow in generosity (financial, time, etc.) and do whatever God wants. If all of us do 100% of what God says, we will all grow as disciples and accomplish everything God has for us.


Instead of giving toward multiple funds (general fund, building fund, outreach fund, etc), we will be combining all giving into a “One Fund” for the coming ministry season. It is our hope that God would lead his people to embrace and support the entire ministry of Grace Church rather than an individual project.