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Sep 23 2022 - Eric Buresh
Watching members of the body of Christ pummel each other because they aren’t on the same “side” of American politics has been a vivid reminder of how quickly things can come unglued when we set our minds on earthly things.

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Do I Have to Wash Up First?!?!

Sep 16 2022 - Adam Seitz
Certain accidents of my children are seared into my memory. One winter I took my daughter to one of Kansas City’s best sledding hills. It was her first time sledding so I was cautious but, after a few trial runs, I set her off down the hill on her own. Big mistake.

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I’m So Weak!

Sep 14 2022 - Eric Buresh
I can’t begin to tell you how much of my life has been spent trying to secure the walls around myself and my family. I long for control and safety.

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Have you seen His face today?

Sep 9 2022 - Justin Raby
This week I have interacted with many of you that are going through hardship, affliction, pain and hurt. I have had folks weep in my office this week sharing the loss of deep grieving situations. Promises broken, expectations shattered, words that cut.

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A Prayer for our Anniversary

Sep 6 2022 - Eric Buresh
My wife and I are coming up on our anniversary. To get you in the ballpark, we have been married to each other for a larger portion of our lives than the portion we have not been married to each other. It’s hard to grasp. I still feel like a kid sometimes. Time moves so quickly.

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