Did He Hear Me?

Jun 22 2022 - Eric Buresh
I love to pray! It is such a privilege and honor to boldly go before the throne of God – a privilege bought and paid for by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. But, good grief, I didn’t understand prayer for such a long time in my faith walk. Looking back over the years, I am befuddled, but not surprised, at the immature, arrogant, and ignorant way I used to view prayer...

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Serious Joy

Jun 15 2022 - Eric Buresh
As children of God, we should pursue the greatest, fullest, and longest joy that we can possibly imagine. Yes, we should want no less than permanent, unshakeable, unwavering joy, happiness, pleasure, and delight. Serious joy that cannot be lost or taken away.

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Jun 8 2022 - Eric Buresh
In our country, a cry for liberation runs deep. From the beginning, we fought the King of England for our liberation. We fought for the liberation of our enslaved brothers and sisters who had their freedom stolen simply because they were born with dark skin. We fought for the liberation of our Jewish friends...

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May 27 2022 - Eric Buresh
Welcome to the Grace Church Blog! Our purpose is simple – to provide a steady stream of Written Worship so that together we may see the beauty of Christ more clearly and be transformed by His beauty for our own joy in Him and for the overflow of that joy in love to all we encounter.

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