Grace FiftySix (5th - 6th grade)

Grace FiftySix (G56) is designed for fifth and sixth graders and meets during at least one service at each campus. Our vision is to provide a safe and enjoyable community for fifth and sixth graders to build friendships with their peers as they get to know the Grace Students staff. While fifth graders tend to disconnect from Grace Kids programming as they look forward to middle school, sixth graders can have a difficult time transitioning to adult worship services and Grace Students programming. With this tension in mind, we've created an environment to bridge the gap from Grace Kids to Grace Students. Fifth graders are welcome to attend Grace Kids Elementary if G56 is not offered at the service you are attending.

Weekend Programming

G56 is an extremely fun class for our 5th and 6th graders. This class is designed to be a bridge between Grace Kids and Grace Students. We dive deeper into God’s word and build community with peers, learn new Grace Students worship songs, and get to know the Grace Students team. G56 programming is offered each weekend, but not always at every service time. Please check with your campus for details.

Grace Special Needs

We are a special needs friendly ministry and inclusive church. Visit our Grace Special Needs page for more information about this amazing ministry.

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