Grace Special Needs Ministry exists to minister and provide support to individuals and families with special needs. Our desire is to let every individual know that they are welcomed, cared for, and loved. We want each person to know Jesus and grow in a relationship with Him.

Special Needs Programming

Our Grace Special Needs children are integrated into the mainstream classrooms during each of our weekend services. We help determine what the needs are for each child on a case-by-case basis, and work with each family to develop a plan that best suits them and their child. We focus on each individual’s ability and not their disability. For some, “buddies” (trained leaders) are provided to assist kids.

Every Sunday we offer a Grace Special Needs adult class during the last service that is catered and designed for individuals with special needs ages 12 and older. We desire to create a venue that meets the specific learning and social needs of each attendee. Multi-sensory activities and other techniques are utilized to create a learning atmosphere that is appropriate for the unique abilities of each person.

Our Grace Special Needs students are also integrated into Grace Students on Wednesday nights and “buddies” are provided to those who need them on a case-by-case basis.

What’s Next?

If you have an individual with special needs and would like to have them be a part of the Grace Special Needs Ministry, please complete the Special Needs Application and consent form so we can better meet your child’s needs and individualize a program just right for them. If you have any questions, you can ask us by emailing Tessa Black at

What Grace Special Needs Offers:

Support Group

Family Support Group meetings are provided monthly. This is a place where parents come together to be real with one another through struggle, laughter, and prayer. Our topics of focus are ones that relate to raising a child with special needs and allow parents to share with one another.

SOARly Needed R&R (Respite) Nights

We partner with SOAR Special Needs Ministry to offer FREE bi-monthly R&R (Respite) nights for our families with individuals with special needs. We also have a simultaneous sibling program for siblings from birth to 13-year-olds. Each evening has a special theme.