One Message

Last year as a church, we read through the One Story reading plan – reading scripture daily and seeing God's plan for the world, as it began in Genesis and will come to fruition in the end times. But that story, that message isn’t just for us. It is for everyone! This year, we want to equip you to take that One Message to your friends, to your neighbors, and to everyone around the world. Each month we’ll give you some manageable steps along the way to help us grow in personal evangelism.


We are starting this year off with prayer and fasting as a church. Nehemiah provides a pattern for us to pray and for the next month, we are going to pray for a burden. The recipe is found in Nehemiah 1:5-11:

Week 1 (v. 5): Praising God for Who He is.
Week 2 (v. 6): Praying for forgiveness and lost people.
Week 3 (v. 8): Reminding God of His promises.
Week 4 (v. 11): Praying for success in our evangelism.

We have created a 28 day prayer and fasting guide with verses, prayer prompts, and fasting suggestions. You can pick up a hard copy (while supplies last) in the lobby of your campus or download the digital version by clicking the button below.

Prayer and Fasting Guide

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This plan is a 6-day-a-week revolutionary way to read through the New Testament. Instead of reading straight through the New Testament, the NT+ plan is strategically divided into reading based on authorship. For example, all of John’s, Luke’s and Peter’s writings are together, while Paul’s writings are divided equally over each quarter.