What is the governance model at Grace Church?

   Grace Church is governed by a Board of Directors in coordination with the Pastoral Team.

What does the Board of Directors do?

The Board of Directors provides oversight for the church in matters relating to business, finances and policy. In addition, the Senior Pastor reports to the Board of Directors. The Board utilizes the Carver model of policy governance.

1. Financial Oversight and Accountability. The Board is responsible for the management of financial resources to ensure that Grace is a good steward of every dollar that is contributed.

2. Strategic Assistance. Board members bring together the skills that God has gifted them with in the business and legal world to assist the pastors and staff in making strategic decisions.

3. Policy Approval. The Board ensures that effective policies are in place to guide ministry practices and provide safeguards.

How are board members chosen?

Periodically certain members will roll off the Board and new members will be added to the Board. The process for bringing on new board members involves:

  1. Nomination. The congregation identifies and nominates people who they feel would be good additions to the Board (based on character, giftedness, experience and spiritual maturity). People can nominate others and/or themselves.
  2. Confirmation. Once nominations are received, the Board and pastoral staff review the nominations and the Board selects one or more candidates to interview. Selected candidates then interview with the Board, after which time they jointly seek the Lord about the decision. The Board then presents approved candidates to the congregation for affirmation. 
  3. Affirmation. Candidates are presented to the congregation for a 2-4 week affirmation process. This allows the church to engage candidates in conversation regarding any concerns they may have (see Matthew 18:15-16) or to disclose if they know anything about the candidates that would disqualify them from serving on the board. 

What are the qualifications to be a board member?

The primary qualifications for Board members that are considered during the confirmation process are:

  1. Do they model the character of Christ? (1 Timothy 3)
  2. Is there evidence of the Spirit of God and wisdom? (Acts 6)
  3. Do they have a strong passion for Grace Church?
  4. Are they able to think strategically?
  5. Can they collaborate effectively?

Who Are Our Current Board Members?

Eric Buresh - Chairman

Michael Wilkes - Secretary

Susan Sherry - Treasurer

Tim Howey

Ray Christopher

Jon Otten

Joshua Sharp


What does the Pastoral Team do?

The Pastoral Team provides oversight to the church in matters relating to the Bible, doctrine, spiritual health and direction. Grace believes the three titles of a pastor communicate their three roles:

1. As “elders” (i.e. “seniors”), they model Christ-like maturity to the church.

2. As “bishops” (i.e. “overseers”), they discern God’s vision and direction for the church.

3. As “pastors” (i.e. “shepherds”) they feed and care for God’s people spiritually.

What are the qualifications of a pastor?

The primary qualifications for a pastor center around godly character as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. In addition to character qualifications, the pastor must have a thorough knowledge of scripture with an ability to effectively teach God’s word.

Who Are Our Current Pastoral Team Members?

Tim Howey

Ben Abu Saada

Brian Gann

Chris Fetters

Kent Liles

Justin Raby