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Group Starter - North Overland Park

Group Starter is a 3-part event designed to start and launch brand new Grace Groups! A Grace Group is a group of 8-12 people who meet regularly, living and growing more like Christ together!

Lunch and childcare are provided for the first session.

What to expect at Group Starter?

Every session is made up of 3 components:

  • Connect - catch up, chat over food or snacks, check in to see how everyone is doing.
  • Learn - the study portion of the event. Watch and learn!
  • Apply - Talk with your table about what you have learned, and how it may fit in your life.

You will initially be seated with other people in a similar stage of life. Each session you will have the opportunity to stay with your table or join another table that may be a better fit (we promise we won't take it personally). Check out what each session will look like below:


Session 1 - Connecting

This session is all about connecting! You will meet and connect with other people who may be part of your future group. Get to know others on a deeper level and learn about what it means to be connected in a Grace Group.

Session 2 - Growing

How exactly are we supposed to be growing spiritually? Sometimes "spiritual growth" can seem like an ethereal, impossible-to-obtain thing. Luckily, spiritual growth isn't supposed to be unobtainable, and this session will break down how we can grow spiritually (especially within a Grace Group).

Session 3 - GO-ing

This session will be the first-ever meeting of your brand-new Grace Group! We are leaving the confines of the Church and meeting with your new Group at whatever location they have decided to meet at regularly. This session will focus on establishing principles that will help your Group be fun, life-giving, and long-lasting!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Where does Group Starter take place?  Group Starter will take place in the basement meeting area of our North Overland Park Campus.  Head down the stairwell to the right of the main entrance (opposite to the auditorium) to find our meeting location.
  • What if I have kids?  We offer free childcare for the kiddos!  Print out a childcare tag (just like you do for their Grace Kids tags) and bring them to room 204 on the main level.
  • I get hungry after church, what about me??  Don't worry!  We will provide good food!
  • Do I have to attend all sessions?  We do recommend attending all sessions.  While it can be difficult to carve out 3 Sunday afternoons, Group Starter is designed to launch a strong group that will be a wonderful, life-giving experience for all involved.

North Overland Park Campus

Andrew Schumann

North Overland Park Campus, basement meeting location

Date / Time
  • Sunday, August 18, 2024 @ 11:45 AM
  • Sunday, August 25, 2024 @ 11:45 AM
  • Sunday, September 1, 2024 @ 11:45 AM
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