Volunteer Roles

Grace Special Needs - Volunteer Roles

Grace Special Needs exists to minister and provide support to individuals and families with special needs. Our desire is to let every individual know that they are welcomed, cared for and loved. Select a role below to learn more about it.

Buddy for Kids

Support a kid 1:1 in one of our Grace Kids classrooms!

Buddy for Students

Support 1-3 students in our dedicated Grace Special Needs Student group.

Buddy for Adults

Support 1-3 adults in our dedicated Adults Class for individuals with disabilities.

Grace Students Grace Group Leader

Engage our students with special needs in a lesson tailored for them!

Adults Class Grace Group Leader

Teach our adults with disabilities a modified version of the sermon!

Service Coordinator

Support a team of buddies during service!

Behind the Scenes Prep

Help our teams be prepared for services and events!

Event Childcare

Babysit during Grace Church events & classes

Campus Support Roles - Grace Special Needs

Curriculum Team Member

Create resources and modify sermons for our friends with special needs!
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