Read John 4 

Did you notice verse 6? Jesus was tired and He stopped to get a drink. Think about that for a second. Jesus, otherwise known as GOD WITH US, stopped because He was traveling and became fatigued from a hard journey and needed to rest. While He was resting He asked a woman for a drink, but He never actually received the drink because even in His rest He was seeking those that would worship Him in spirit and in truth. While He was “resting” He revealed Himself to a very adulterous woman that would eventually help MANY come to know Jesus. Is it possible that true rest is doing the work that Jesus wants us to do?

Notice that Jesus can relate with mankind (us) because He had a body that would get tired. He knew weariness and can relate to a long day at work, wrangling the kids, or studying. He is not some far off God, but He understands us because He lived as we do. Not only can He relate, but He used a forgiven adulterous woman to proclaim His name to many people! So, here is a question for us: Can Jesus still use me regardless of my past sins? The answer is a resounding YES! He knows you, relates with you and desires to use you to bring others to know Him too. And  yes, He can do this even if you are tired!

Justin Raby