Read Psalm 90


Psalm 90 is the prayer Moses gives us to proclaim the frailty of our lives and the magnificence of God. We are a tiny speck of time in God’s presence, yet we are delivered from this earth to Him.

We go our entire day with a thousand things on our minds. Our culture runs on the constant motion of people going about seemingly important tasks, each leading to more tasks and less time with God. Reading this prayer from Moses, let it move you to let go of the stress of your day and know your earthly time is just a blink in God’s eye. Use your time, no matter how limited, to lay your life out in his service.

Rather than being caught in a debate on the merits of a protest or the latest political scandal, look for ways God is leading you to be an agent for change. Pray for guidance. Pray to be broken and remade in the way God intended. Our lives are tiny in comparison to God, but we are still brought to his presence when our time is over.

We must confess our sins to God through prayer and be thankful for his grace to forgive us, allowing us to remain in his service. When our days here end, how will we be measured? Let us be measured by our willingness to seek God’s will.

…yes, establish the work of our hands. (Psalm 90:17b)



Shawn Simpson