Read Acts 17

teeLast year, I rode my mountain bike on the Kokepelli Trail. It’s a bike trail that runs from Colorado to Utah, through some of the most breathtaking, and sometimes rough, terrain I’ve ever seen. Among other things, I left with the above t-shirt. As I read this passage and reflected on the theme of this week’s reading, I was reminded of the back of this t-shirt.

When things aren’t as we expect in life, we often refer to them as being upside-down. When things aren’t as we expect, it gets our attention.

The message of Christ often gets our attention in this same way. It surprises us when we think religion should be a specific way, and the message of the gospel says differently. Someone might respond to the message of Christ with animosity, as we see in Acts 17:5. For some of us, the gospel accomplishes the purpose that God designed. It turns our world right-side up. It transforms our heart. It impacts our decisions, our thoughts and our attitudes.

As followers of Christ, those around us often look at our lives as upside-down. It is our challenge and should be our aim to live in such a way that Christ is glorified, and others say of us, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.”

Prayer: Lord, may we share Christ un-ashamedly with those around us, and walk with You so significantly, that it impacts our lives and the lives of those around us.