Would you ever consider a messenger of Satan to be a good thing? If the knock on life’s door was a delivery man from “Hades Ex” with a package labeled ‘pain and distress’…would you receive it? Maybe you would if you knew what was really inside the package. It doesn’t make sense, but sometimes God wraps his gift of grace in a package of affliction and has it delivered by demons!  

Sometimes we forget how desperately we need grace. Grace saves us and sustains our life. Grace is to our soul what air is to our lungs! Grace is the power of God doing in and through our lives what we are unable to do on our own.

Paul says he takes pleasure in distresses – why? He realized God was using them as a conduit for grace…the one thing he desperately needs. God desires to overflow our lives with grace, but often we’re not in a place to receive it. We’re too strong and self-sufficient. “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble”. Our strength/pride may be blocking us from the very grace we need to live…really live. Messengers of Satan become necessary agents to move us from a place of strength to a place of weakness…because grace is given to the weak/humble.

Is there distress, pain, or hardship in your life right now? Before you ask for God to take it away, consider that He might be using it to bring you to a place of weakness…so that He can give you His life changing grace.

— Kent Liles