Read Deuteronomy 32


This was Moses’ last song. He was about to die and these are some of his last words.  A chapter about the goodness of God, all He has done for Israel and what He will continue to do. If there is one thing Moses learned through his life, it was the faithfulness of God.

What will we look back and see in our final days?  Will we look back and see all that we have accomplished, or will we look back and see all the miracles God has done?  What ways has God already come through in ways we never thought He would or could? What miracles have we seen? In what ways are we praying for God to move now?

This is a song from Moses, a song of all the things he had seen.  If we were to write a song today to God, what would it say? If we were to write a song to God at the end of our lives what would we want it to say?

Try writing a song about your life today. A song about the things you have seen God do, and about the things you would love to see Him do.  Then write a song that you would love to be able to write at the end of your life. Sing it to God; sing it over your life.


Luke Lauber