Grace Group Resources


For many of our message series, we offer a companion Grace Group Guide.

Note: Some guides include additional videos (other than the weekend messages) and a Leader’s Guide. While it’s great to use our group guides during the message series, you can use them whenever you want. You can use the archived messages on the site or mobile app.

Current Resources

Roadblocks: The Life of Joseph

Studying the life of Joseph can help us identify and address internal and personal roadblocks to following Jesus. 

Roadblocks group guide  (5-weeks)

Archived Resources

50 Shades of Color

Our subtitle for this series is “Discovering a red hot marriage in a shades of grey world.” We explore marriage, sex, and dating from God’s point of view. We study the Song of Solomon to show how God brings intimacy through healthy sexual activity in the context of marriage.

Airplane Mode: Prayer

Using the Lord’s Prayer as an example, we will encourage one another to create a sacred space to go deep with God (Mat 6:1-13).

Airplane Mode group guide, 4-weeks

Armed: A Study Through Romans

Paul’s letter to the Romans contains a complete description of the Gospel of Christ and its implications. It explains: why we need the gospel (sin), the only hope for humanity (Jesus), how the gospel gives us freedom and victory over our flesh (liberty in Christ), the role of Israel during the church-age and end-times, and how the gospel affects Christians’ relationships with everyone around them (the love of the gospel).

As in Heaven

Each of us is in one of two kingdoms. Christ-followers are missionaries to this world. Under God’s authority, our role is to share the gospel and make disciples (Mat 28:18-20). The stakes are high. Someday, the “heaven-bound” will judge the “hell-bound.”

Backbone: The Story of Daniel

It’s a challenge to stay firm in your faith when society around you blurs the lines. In this series, we explore the story of Daniel to gain inspiration from the “backbone” he demonstrated.


Choices explores how to be a follower of Jesus when you are single, dating, or married.

Choices group guide (4-week series)


Use this series for a brief glimpse into who Christ is, what He does, and why it matters.

Divinely Designed

We can learn much about what God honors as we study the God-designed role of women in the Bible.  

Divinely Designed group guide, 5-week study


What does it take to be empowered as an outward-focused follower of Jesus? Through this study, you can establish or deepen your worship of, and connection to, God. By leading a life of spiritual discipline, you draw closer to God. When you draw closer to God, you are Empowered.


God has made us unique for a purpose. Our challenge is to identify our spiritual gifts and begin using them as He directs.

Entrusted group guide (5-weeks)


Evangelism is not what you do, it is who you are. God calls the church to be on fire for personal evangelism because the stakes are too high, eternity is too long, and God’s love is too great for us to do nothing.


Exodus is an epic summary of the epic of our lives. Israel’s story in Exodus is a picture of our spiritual journey in our life with Christ.

Face Time

It is important to keep our communication lines open and our conversations helpful. Not every conversation is of equal importance. Some conversations are higher in risk, the stakes are greater, and the rewards are vital. This series can help people navigate the most important conversations of their lives.

Foolish (faith)


From the Heart

In our From the Heart series, we study the psalms that bring us joy and prompt us to praise God. We explore who we praise, what praise is, when and where to praise, and why we praise. 

From the Heart group guide 4-weeks

Get Ripped!

Together, let’s work out our spiritual muscles in key areas of the Christian life. We challenge you to stretch and take your relationship with God further than you’ve ever gone. Regardless of where you are in your spiritual development, the goal is to move from where you ARE to where GOD wants you to BE. Are you ready to get ripped?

Go Time

The Christian life is about God telling us to go, our willingness to go, and our obedience in going.

Go Time group guide, 5-weeks

God in the Mirror

Are you ready to discover who God created you to be? This series explores five facets of your spiritual identity. You will explore your individual uniqueness, your role as God’s moral mirror, your authority to rule your environment, your friendship with God, and your eternal nature.

God Is Greater Than

The “God is >” series explores worship and the nature of God. In this series, we strive to simplify the large concepts of God’s greatness and goodness into a childlike faith that honors God.

Good News (The Gospel)

Have you heard the Good News?

  • Do you understand the gospel?
  • Do you believe it?
  • Are you living it?
  • Are you sharing it?

Good News Group Guide  (4-weeks)


Our children are too important to God for us to fail as parents. We must do all we can to form their character before we let them go. Parenting is a ministry, not just a blessing. Parents are responsible for connecting their children to God. Now is the time to follow God and invest in the spiritual development of your children.

Jesus Revealed

To get to know Him better, explore different aspects of Jesus: the underdog, the revolutionary, the hero, the headliner, the dreamer, the wild man, and the wrestler.


Relationships are difficult during the Christmas season. Jesus should be at the center of your relationships if you want to have good relationships with others.

Joy Unspeakable

True joy comes from participating with and having fellowship with Jesus Christ in His sacrifice. To find joy in sacrifice is counterintuitive to the world’s way of thinking. This series explores the unspeakable joy of love, giving, suffering, sacrifice, obedience, and the Cross.

Joy Unspeakable group guide (7-week)

Kingdom Come

Many people think of “God’s Kingdom” as a physical reign of Christ that will come to this world, “someday.” The Christmas story tells how God’s Kingdom came into this world when Jesus arrived. When people accept Jesus as their Savior, He restores their identities as Kingdom citizens.

Leadership by Numbers

The book of Numbers contains powerful lessons on leadership. First, there’s a lesson on the importance of being organized and balancing our inner and outer worlds. There are lessons on how to respond to difficult leadership challenges. There’s even a lesson on our biggest challenge as leaders, ourselves. One of the most powerful lessons is remembering our goal as leaders, to lead people to Jesus. This guide provides questions to help your group explore these key leadership lessons from the book of Numbers.

Lean on Me

God does not intend for us to be alone (Gen 2:18). When we are in community with other believers, we can lean on them for growth, love, grace, and purpose.


God spoke light into existence. In this series, we will compare the physical and spiritual aspects of light including the absence of light, how light is hope, and how Christ is the Light of the world.


This study confronts the common misunderstanding that a “missionary” is a professionally-trained minister who moves to another country to do church work. We will see how God calls each of us to be a “missionary” in our neighborhood, school, job, club, team, family, and all other areas of our life.


This study provides basic insight into why we believe the details of what we believe about God and His Word. It also presents the implications for us if we believe these truths.


As a physical or spiritual parent, you are a primary faith influencer in the lives of your children and disciples. “Parenthood” explores what your children and disciples need from you to help them become lifelong disciples.

Pioneer Spirit

God hard-wired us to need a challenge. Are you living with the pioneer spirit? Do you know Jesus, The Pioneer Spirit? Life begins when you seek and save that which is lost.

Presence (giving unusual gifts)

This study explores the unusual gifts people give and receive at Christmas. Unusual could mean strange, rare, or highly valuable. The goal of the series is to encourage people to give four “unusual gifts” to their friends and family this season.

R.A.W. (real.authentic.worship)

We live in a plastic society, surrounded by images that have trained our minds to believe that we can’t be real. We put on a show for everyone and give the appearance that we don’t need help. We have learned to “fake it till we make it.” We lie to ourselves. We lie to others. We lie to God.  In this four week RAW series, we unpack four psalms to discover that God wants us to be real. He desires us to be transparent with Him first and then with each other.


If you want to know the real meaning of Christmas, this series is for you. Learn how to reconcile yourself with God and with others. Also learn how to help others reconcile with God.

Reconciled Group Guide  5-weeks


God wants His people to find rest, refreshment, and rejoicing in the Lord. This series will help us learn how to refresh, refocus, and rejoice in the Lord.

Refreshed group guide (3-weeks)

Roadblocks: The Life of Joseph

Studying the life of Joseph can help us identify and address internal and personal roadblocks to following Jesus. 

Roadblocks group guide, 5-weeks

Room to Room

God wants us to partner with Him to repair the broken places of our lives. This series uses the metaphor of fixing different rooms in our lives.

Room to Room group guide (3-weeks)


There are some topics that churches often sweep under the rug. We find it easier to say Shhh… than to speak out on those difficult topics. In this study, we will explore what the Bible says about these shushed topics: sexuality, depression, kids, addiction, and abuse.

Summer on the Mount

Jesus Christ began His “Sermon on the Mount” by pronouncing blessings on those whose lives exhibit qualities that sharply contrast with popular views in the world. The Beatitudes describe the attitudes associated with righteousness. We can think of them as the “beattitudes.  Next, Jesus interpreted six important Old Testament laws for His people from the perspective of the new life He came to give. Jesus emphasized the importance of attitudes and intents of the heart rather than simply external action. He was not looking for more righteous deeds through human effort. Instead, Jesus was looking for more righteous hearts by divine grace. Jesus closed His sermon by teaching us how to avoid being religiously incorrect. Our focus should be on pleasing Him rather than having others be impressed by our adherence to rules.


Tensions. We all experience tensions as we navigate our lives. Sometimes, tensions occur when cultural norms conflict with what we know to be the Truth.

Three in 1

The Trinity is one of the most unique, distinctive, and least understood teachings of Christianity. The actual word “trinity” is not in the Bible. We use the word to try to express the three in one nature of God. This is important because to understand God better, we must be aware of this aspect of His nature.

Two Masters

You can’t have two masters. You may choose to let money be your master or you may choose to accept God as your master. In this series, we explore how to manage money God’s way.

Two Masters group guide, 3-week study

Uncharted: Navigating Life's Tensions

In our culture, we face many tensions. Our response to the tensions may be to chart an unsure course. Tensions can be positive or negative. By God’s design, tension leads to growth.

Unsung Heroes

The “Unsung Heroes” study celebrates lesser known heroes of the Bible. These heroes demonstrated supernatural faith and saw supernatural results when they faced heroic challenges. In this series, we learn how to unleash the hero within us as we follow God as part of His “One Story.”

Voices (Nehemiah)

This study explores leadership from God’s perspective. God gives us a burden and provides a way for us to fulfill the burden as we have faith in Him. He helps us see the vision and share it with others. He gives us courage to lean on Him. We respond with praises to God.


Why do you spend money on things that don’t satisfy you?  Are you applying the 10 / 10 / 80 principle for budgeting your money? Are you experiencing the blessings of giving?

When God Doesn't Make Sense

Sometimes, from our point of view, God doesn’t make sense. Once we begin to think like Jesus, things become clear.

When Pigs Fly

By studying the miracles Jesus performed in the book of John, we can gain a better understanding of who Jesus is and what He does in our lives.

When Pigs Fly group guide (8-week study)

Why Church?

This study addresses the common thought in our society that church is optional, irrelevant, or counterproductive to a Christian’s walk with Christ. We will explore how the Bible explains that it is impossible to live the victorious Christian life without active participation in a local church family.

Your Story: Evangelism

If we have Christ, we have a powerful story. God wants to use our stories to draw others to Him. We can use Paul’s example of sharing his story as our model to write and share our own stories.