Read Job 1


Have you ever had the thought, “What would I do if my family all died, and I was left alone?” Have you ever wondered what you would do if you lost your house, your cars, your retirement, your spouse, your children, your identity, and even your status? What would you do? How would you respond? What would you think of the character of God if some of these terrible things were to happen to you or your loved ones?

Maybe you are someone who has actually lost one or all of the above. Maybe you have encountered such heartache that it really caused you to search the depths of your heart for what you believe about God.

In Job chapter 1, Job lost almost everything he had. He was faced with a choice. Would he respond with anger? Would he question or deny God? No.

Instead he chose to trust God fully and said, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” In the darkest hour of Job’s life he responded with a worshipful heart and gave glory to His Creator.

Can you imagine how extremely difficult this would have been? Job gives us a beautiful example of how we as believers should respond to the most difficult of circumstances.

Pray that when your life encounters its darkest hour that you will be able to get on your knees and say, “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”


Chris Fetters