Read Genesis 50 

The “meat” of this chapter is found in the middle. Following the death of his father, Jacob, Joseph’s brothers are fearful that Joseph will be angry at them for all the wrong they had done to him in the past, and they beg him to forgive them. Joseph shows kindness to them and uses this opportunity to give glory to God. He reassures them that he will provide for them and their children.

Wow! How powerful is that?! These are the same brothers who had sold Joseph into slavery many years ago – and now he shows he has completely forgiven them for their evil deeds against him. Not only that, but Joseph recognizes that God allowed him to go through all the awful things he endured so that He could later put him into a position to help others (including his brothers and their families!). Joseph trusted God so much that he forgave the ones whose horrible act was the incident that began many years of hardship for him in Egypt.

One definition of forgiveness is “to cease to feel resentment against (an offender).” Is there someone you need to forgive today? Or perhaps someone from whom you need to ask forgiveness? Do that today and trust God to help reconcile that relationship. There is power in forgiveness.

— Samantha Rasch