Read Matthew 25

Jesus concludes chapter 24 with a command… to watch and pay attention to the signs of His coming, stating that we cannot know the day and hour. However, we can know the times and seasons.

He gives three parables to help prepare our hearts should His coming be shorter, longer, or harder than we expect. Jesus concluded chapter 25 with details about His glorious return to the earth (Mt 25:31-46, Rev. 19-21)!

The heart of the Olivet Discourse is to stir up hunger and longing for Jesus’ return! It is also meant to prepare our heart to not take offense to Jesus’ leadership (Mt 24:10-12) during a time of great glory (released on the church, Acts 2, Rev 11) and crisis in the nations (Rev 6-18).

Ask yourself, have I payed enough attention to this splendid hope of Jesus return? When was the last time I gave much thought to, or got excited about this reality?

God, I pray that you would awaken our hearts to this marvelous truth and that we would give ourselves to the study and anticipation of the day you unite Heaven and Earth under your leadership (Rev 21), amen!

— Christian Trent