Read 1 Timothy 6

Can you remember your first job? Mine was in high school delivering flowers for a local florist, a friend of the family. I can’t remember how much my first paycheck was, but I was so proud of that measly hard-earned money. It was more money than I had ever seen in my bank account! Of course now, working for a living, paying the bills, supporting the cause, and whatever you use your money for, do you ever ask yourself, “is it ever enough?” I feel so blessed, but all too often I feel I never have enough. I just need a little bit more. Getting closer to retirement, I ask, “how much money do we really need to retire?” I still have so much I want to do. I believe even in Paul’s day this was an obviously problem, because in I Timothy 6 he is once again giving Timothy instructions on how to live in this life without being consumed by it, especially when it comes to money. Money is something we ALL need to live day to day. But I think it’s the perspective from which we view our money that can cause us to stumble. There is a fine line between enjoying money and being a lover of money.  You may want to ask yourself, “do I love my money and my possessions more than I love God?” Has God blessed you so that you can in turn bless others with your wealth, whatever the quantity you have? There is absolutely nothing wrong with having wealth. Just be sure you don’t have your trust in it over your trust in God.

— Shelly Puryear