Read Deuteronomy 11


As a mom of 3 young kiddos, I have scrubbed my fair share of walls that seem to be adorned with various artwork.  My 4-year old’s favorite is ‘practicing’ his name in his bedroom.  He claims, “These are my letters.  I need to make sure I’m really good at them!”  Both are true statements.  Let’s just keep it on paper, please!

God tells us these same statements.  “These are my words!  Please make sure you remember and apply them!”  In verses 19-20, the Lord commands us to continually talk about His word with those around us and to cover our homes with His promises.  By doing so, we can ensure that our thoughts are focused on Him and not on this world.  The world’s pull is strong but in order ‘to love the Lord your God, walk in obedience with him and hold fast to him’ (v22), we must put His word first in our life and before the noise and chaos of the world.

Whether you hang a chalkboard sign in a high traffic area of your home, grab a dry erase marker and head to your bathroom mirror, change the screensaver of your phone, or simply stick a sticky note to the dashboard of your car, I encourage you to write out a verse or two of hope, encouragement, or truth.  Take note of the difference this makes in your everyday life as you dwell on the promises made to you by our Savior.


Megan Byrd