In the World

Did you know that 10% of all of our finances that we receive at Grace Church, we commit to outreach and missions?

We do global outreach because we believe God desires for all nations to know Jesus. It is our ambition to share the story of Jesus among unreached people groups (Romans 15:20). These are places where the evangelical population is less than 2%. We also want to provide you with opportunities to serve globally using the skills, gifts, and desires that God has given you.

Mission Trip Application

Haiti, 2017

Dates: June 21-28
Cost: $1,600
Description: Come serve the people of Turpin, helping to provide physical needs and sharing the love of Christ.


Brazil, 2017

Dates: June 23 – July 1
Cost: $2,600
Description: Come serve the people living in the jungle along the Amazon River.


Israel, 2017 (Grace Students)

Dates: July 27 – August 5
Cost: $3,000
Description: This trip is a combination of serving, seeing and teaching in the areas where Jesus walked and the setting where much of the Bible happened.


North Africa, 2017

Dates: August 4-12
Cost: $2,800
Description: This trip will be serving some of the local churches in the Middle East by running a Vacation Bible School with our partners.


San Diego / Tijuana, 2017

Approximate Dates: October 6-10
Cost Range: $1,200
Description: Come serve a new church plant and cross the border to learn more about cross-cultural missions.


Israel, 2017 (Church-Wide)

Approximate Dates: November 5-15
Cost Range: $3,400
Description: Come see and learn about where Jesus walked and serve our partner by ministering in Jericho.


The Kurdish

We have a strong desire to reach the Kurdish. There are an estimated 30 million Kurds worldwide, and less than 1% of them are followers of Jesus. Since 2009, we’ve focused our efforts on the Kurdish people in Iraq and here in the USA.

Projects that Grace has been involved with include: church planting, village outreach, a hair salon/professional exchange, a bee-keeping farm, and soybean plant, a widow housing project, and others. We believe that by investing into the lives of Kurds we can help the Kurdish people reach their own people with the Gospel.

Hope for Ishmael

Tass, a former Palestine Liberation Organization under Arafat, and his wife Karen have been taking the message of peace to Jews (the people he once fought against) and to the Muslims (the brethren he was once willing to die for). In 1996, they began Hope for Ishmael, a ministry dedicated to reconciliation between Arabs and Jews. Because of its dedication to reaching out in love to Muslims, many Iraqis, Filipinos, Palestinians, Americans and Europeans have seen the Gospel in action and their lives have been radically changed.

Samir & Amy

Samir and Amy are missionaries using the internet as a medium for their witness and outreach. Their web site is one of the biggest apologetic websites regarding Islam and Christianity with over 10,000 visitors a day. They communicate with several Muslims through email in closed countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Through the use of the internet, they can reach any Arabic speaking Muslim anywhere in the world.

Ray of Hope, Amazon

Ray of Hope is a non-profit organization that seeks to transform the lives of children and families in villages scattered along the edge of the Amazon River through very practical ways. When Jesus walked the earth He attended to both spiritual and physical needs. Whether feeding 5000, washing feet, healing the sick, or speaking the truth in love, Jesus showed His love and care with a holistic viewpoint. Ray of Hope tries to follow His way of meeting the needs that are brought before them. They believe it is only through salvation that there can be lasting change, but physical needs of the people must also be addressed.

Mission of Hope, Haiti

Mission of Hope is a Christ-centered organization that exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. Mission of Hope focuses on advancing the church, Christ-centered education, and meeting needs by providing nutrition, healthcare, orphan care, and more.

Doug & Camelia Howey

Doug & Camelia are missionaries sent by Grace Church and have been church planters in Brasov, Romania with Global Church – Biserica International, Brasov since November of 2011. Doug & Camelia have three daughters Olivia, Mira, and the newest daughter, Attalia Sue Howey. Doug was previously on staff at Grace and felt led to return to Romania, the birthplace of his wife, in order to lead a church there. Currently, they are studying the language and learning the culture while working with Romanian pastors to develop their church in Brasov, one of the largest cities in Romania.

South Asia & North Africa

We desire to see more people in these unreached and restricted access areas come to know the story of Jesus. For more information, please email