Read Exodus 3

Who am I? That is the question that Moses asks God after God speaks to him from the bush. The God of the universe, speaking through fire, just commanded Moses to do something and Moses’ response in the ESV is, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”

When I read this, my first reaction is to just scream at Moses. Something like, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? GOD JUST SPOKE TO YOU THROUGH FIRE AND THE FIRST THING YOU WANT TO DO IS QUESTION HIM?” But if I take a moment to reflect on myself, I realize that Moses isn’t being crazy. He’s just being human.

Now I have never been spoken to by God through a burning bush, but I have felt the strong urge of the Holy Spirit leading me to something that didn’t make sense. I think of the first time I stumbled upon Grace Church. I felt compelled to fill the application out for the summer internship, but the whole time in my mind I was telling myself I wasn’t qualified. Who am I that a church of thousands of people would want me around? I was fresh out of college and had no idea what God was about to do. Thankfully for Moses and myself, God’s plan was greater than our doubt.

What might God be asking you to do that seems crazy? Are you willing to follow even in your doubt?

— Jake Ikerd