God moves through people. Those are the stories we tell.

God moves through art. That’s how we tell stories.


Heartbeat of Heaven

Matt’s Story
The Story of Surfside Church

Kendra’s Story

Chris’ Story

Huston’s Story

Rochelle’s Experience

Alfred’s Story

Blosser’s Story

Jessica’s Story

Olga’s Story

Reshard’s Story

Fox’s Story


Memorial Day Tribute

Mother’s Day 2017

The Pioneer Spirit

Banner Years

Let There Be Light

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

Three Day Reign

Full House of Interns

Summer Breakout 2016

Rethink 2016

Multisite Vision – Olathe

Merry Christmas 2016

When Pigs Fly Part 1

When Pigs Fly Part 2

When Pigs Fly Part 3

Baptisms 2016

Global Outreach

I See

Forever Crowned 2016

Radius – An Outreach Partner

2016 Highlight Film

Local Outreach

Harvest Festival 2016

KCRM Mother’s Day 2016