Read Joshua 24

The upheaval in Charlottesville has introduced, yet again, the significance of monuments and the power of cultural icons.

Shechem is one such place mentioned over 60 times throughout the Bible. It is here that Joshua, again, calls the children of Israel to remember the enslavement of their past, and renew their commitment as a transformative force of blessing in the world. It is also on this mount, Jesus meets a woman of a despised people and welcomes her to live in the abundance of Divine inclusion and love. (John 4)

Shechem acts as a monument to remind us to not lose the plot.

Personal Application:

What monuments in your life inspire you to stay the course and hold to your true identity? What monuments should you tear down that hold you back from the Jesus way of healing and restoration?

Cultural Application:

How can we work to reshape cultural icons in society to unite rather than divide? Can we preserve a nation’s memory and remove hindrances that are destructive to healing?

Monuments are powerful things. Used correctly, they have the power to ground us, or power to keep us trapped in a false narrative of superiority.

God, I ask that you would give us wisdom to know the difference and to affirm those things that you call good and deconstruct that which causes harm. Amen.  

— Christian Trent