Read 2 Timothy 4

It is always amazing to me to see how much Paul poured into Timothy.  Paul used his life as an example to show what it meant to follow Christ.  He ran the race of life by following Christ.

Many times in life I think we make discipleship and pouring into others much harder than it has to be.  Jesus showed us how to do it, and Paul and Timothy’s relationship is an example of this as well. They just lived life together. They walked through the good and the bad. Timothy saw Paul on the mountaintops and in the valleys, in the successes and the failures. It is simply allowing someone into your life, and in turn speaking life into them.

Let’s not make discipleship harder than it has to be. Let’s begin to pour into each other and walk together just as Jesus did with His disciples and as Paul did with Timothy.  Let’s walk, let’s run through life with each other, and focus on pointing others to Jesus. Let them see us fall and get back up, let them see us celebrate the goodness of God.  It’s not just Bible studies and figuring out how to be a better “Christian”. It is walking through life, growing in Christ together and running the race side by side. Let others see in you that the only race worth running is with Christ.


— Luke Lauber