Read Ephesians 2

Fixer Upper, This Old House, House Hunters Renovation…are television shows dedicated to the remodeling of homes. We have entire cable networks to feed America’s hunger for seeing old homes restored. We love the idea of taking something that is broken down, and seeing it transformed into something beautiful.

Perhaps this is a trait we inherited from our Creator. God loves renovation projects too. He has been restoring things since the beginning of creation, and the human race is his greatest DIY project. Ephesians 2 provides a contrast between who we were before Christ, and who we are now in Christ. The “before and after” pictures are startling! My problem is, I can sometimes pull up the “before pictures” in my mind and frame my identity by those things. I can easily forget the teaching of Ephesians 2 – “But now in Christ Jesus…” My identity is in Jesus because he has made me one with him.  But now in Christ Jesus, I am…

Spiritual practice for today: read through Ephesians 2 highlighting all that you were without Christ (“before pics”) / then do the same with all that you are in Christ (“after pics”). Spend time thanking God for the renovations he has made in your life, then meditate on your new identity in him. Turn each thing into a statement you can say out loud to God and to yourself – “But now in Christ Jesus, I am ______.”

— Kent Liles