Read Exodus 28


In this passage, directions for priestly attire – specifically for that of the High Priest that would go to God on behalf of Israel – is described in detail.  While we no longer need a High Priest because Jesus fulfilled that need, I can’t help but feel impressed by the intricacies laid out for such an outfit.  (And here I was thinking that we cared a lot about what we wore today!!!)

The thing that challenges me most about this attire though was its purpose.  Verse 3 says “and you shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty.” While it’s easy to assume this beauty was drawn from the clothing itself, it becomes clear that it was meant for something greater, to bring glory to and reflect the beauty of our God!

While we don’t have such intricate clothing to mark our relationship with Christ today, we do have the opportunity to bring Him glory and to reflect His beauty daily.  We continually have opportunities to serve others for Him, to encourage the downtrodden, to seek justice, and to tell the world of what He’s done.  Each moment we choose to do this, He uses us to weave a new garment, one that doesn’t reflect our own goodness, but His.

How will you serve God today in weaving this new masterpiece that brings Him glory and beauty?


Tessa Black