Read Colossians 3

There was a time in my life when I would read this chapter daily. I even had the entire chapter memorized for a while. At this time in my life I had to be reminded daily the version of me that had died and the version of me that was now alive. The person that I had taken off and the person I was to put on. How often do we look in the mirror and see a different person than we did before Christ entered our lives? How often do we all need to be reminded of the freedom Christ won for us?

This chapter reminds us of all the things Christ has done and all of the things He is doing. We are commanded to put these things to death, to execute them. We are to take them off and put on the new self! I myself love the feeling of putting on clothes right out of the dryer. They feel warm and fresh. I would never grab a workout shirt from the night before and throw it on to go throughout the day with. But that’s exactly what we do when we keep going back to our old ways. I would challenge each of you to read this chapter once when you are either sweaty or dirty and then once more after showering or putting on fresh clothes. Give yourself a physical representation of the fresh new clean self that you are in Christ.

Jake Ikerd