2 Samuel 19

Back in 2011, a young pastor by the name of Erik was awoken early one the morning by a pounding on the door. As he answered the door, one of his worst fears became a reality: His wife and unborn son had been in a horrible car accident.

Apparently a young EMT (named Matthew) had just worked a 24 hour shift and had fallen asleep at the wheel veering into oncoming traffic. Matthew struck June’s car head on. June and her unborn son were both killed.

To say Erik was hurt would be an understatement. But interestingly, Erik did something crazy: He chose to forgive Matthew. He knew Matthew was guilty, but he was also broken and contrite. Erik knew that God had forgiven him of great things, and in turn he wanted to forgive Matthew in a similar way.

In 2nd Samuel 19, King David offered the same kind of forgiveness to Shimei. If you recall from ch.16, Shimei was the man who greeted King David by cursing and throwing rocks at him. But instead of responding in like, David was patient and humble. He did not retaliate.

Now Shimei was approaching David, but this time he came broken and contrite. Interestingly, much to everyone’s surprise, David forgave him! David knew that he had been forgiven by God for great sins, and in return, David wanted to forgive others in the same way.

The principle here is simple: Those that have been forgiven greatly are able to greatly forgive.

Our Challenge: Who are the people in your life that need to be forgiven greatly? Regardless if they deserve our forgiveness, we must forgive others in the same way we’ve been granted forgiveness from God.

— Shannon Zabroski