Read Exodus 40

The first 15 verses of Exodus 40 were the specifications for how Moses was to set up the tabernacle. The amazing part of this chapter is the 16th verse, where it says, “Moses did everything just as the Lord commanded Him.” Though this verse is very easy to overlook, when we take a moment to truly read it and evaluate our lives in perspective to it, how well do we do everything just as the Lord commands it? We tend to not follow His commands in detail, and one of the best ways to combat our lack of obedience is knowing where our holdup lies. Many of us will fall into one of three categories: The Lazy, The Fearful, or The Ignorant.

The Lazy are those that know what to do, but see it as too hard or too inconvenient to actually put feet to obedience. The Fearful are those that also know what to do but are afraid of where obedience will take them, or what obedience will ask them to do. Lastly, the Ignorant are those that literally don’t know what the Lord is asking of them. They tend to operate in the sense that the Lord has no expectations of them.

Once you know where you stand, dialogue with the Lord on steps to take towards obedience. Obedience is one of the greatest ways that we show love to the Lord (John 14:21), so it should be vital to every Christian’s walk!

— Mitchell Ressel