Read Luke 5 

At the beginning of chapter five, we get a glimpse into one of Jesus’ first interactions with his disciples. It was not uncommon during this time for rabbis to gather students and teach them the Torah (books of Moses). But Jesus does something different. Notice who he gathers and where he gathers. The crowd that gathered was so big that he was forced to the edge of the seashore. This reminds me of Genesis 22:17 where God promises Abraham that his descendants will be as numerous as the sand on the seashore. Here is Jesus, a descendant of Abraham, standing on a seashore with his disciples. It a beautiful picture where we can see God’s promise coming true.

Second, notice the people Jesus gathers. When Jesus called, he called the fishermen and the tax collector and the regular ole’ average Joe. They were nothing special, but when they encountered Jesus it changed everything for them. For Peter, he went from fishing for fish to fishing for men. He found his true purpose in Jesus and his life was flipped upside down. When Jesus called you, you stepped into your true purpose and calling. Paul says in 2 Corinthians that we no longer live for ourselves but for the One who died for us. Sometimes with our busy schedules we forget what we are meant to do. We forget what life is about. So, today let’s take a step back, keep it simple like Peter, and just Follow Him.

— Jared Lupo