Read Exodus 26

In Exodus 26, we have the detailed blueprint of the Tabernacle God gave to Moses. I realize this is one of those chapters we can easily find ourselves skimming through. But each detail is important to the Lord.

If you were to study this chapter, you might discover layers of truth you didn’t realize existed. You might see the practical reasons behind all the minute detail. You may be amazed when you consider the undertaking this must have been, not only in construction, but in transportation of this giant tent it through the Sinai desert. You might also find some interesting connections between its artistic aspects and the Garden of Eden…or its structural design and the “heavenly tabernacle” described in Hebrews 8-9.

Those things are wonderful and worth the effort in study, but for our purposes I would like to point out one simple thing — God wants to dwell among his people. Daily worship is important to Him. This tent is an elaborate reminder of his greatest desire in regard to you and me — to be with us.

The word tabernacle means ‘to dwell with’. It is what He wanted from the very beginning with Adam and Eve. It is why He makes covenants (agreements, partnerships, promises) with His people. It is why he sent His only Son (the name “Immanuel” means “God with us”) to die for our sin. It is why He ‘indwells’ us with His Spirit, and why we will one day join Him forever in heaven. God wants to be with us — simply amazing.

— Kent Liles