Read Ephesians 3

When Paul mentions that he is bending his knee for those in Ephesus, most of the time we read his prayer as something that is prayed for us. We even throw in an “Amen Brother!” because it is exactly what we’re needing at that moment. But! What I think we need to also do is take his example of contending for others and operate in the same fashion. It is literally what Jesus does for us (Romans 8:34).

When we begin to pray for others, we gain insight into what growth in those areas would look like. We can can see the great work that God can do in people when we relinquish control over the outcome. I encourage all of us to find someone that needs growth in a specific area, and to pray for it until the growth comes. More often than not, while they grow we grow, and we end up with a greater understanding of what we were praying for in the first place. Interceding for growth in a fellow christian’s life also gives us an ownership in their walk, which is a step toward becoming a discipler of believers.

With that said, try these two things:

  1. Find someone you can invest in prayerfully
  2. See if the growth you are asking the Lord to bring in them also comes in you

— Mitchell Ressell