Read Psalms 133

It pleases God when we live in harmony with other Christians. Verse 2 says “harmony is as precious as fragrant anointing oil.” Living in harmony (unity) shows God (and others) that we are dedicated to serving him – just as priests in the Old Testament were dedicated to God by being anointed with oil. Once anointed with oil, the priests were set apart as holy to the Lord (Exodus 29:21).

Ephesians 4:2-3 instructs Christians to be humble, gentle, forgiving, and patient with each other, united in the Holy Spirit, and bound together with peace. Living in harmony with our Christian brothers and sisters doesn’t mean we always agree with what they think or say or how they act. What it does mean is that we are united in our purpose.

Harmony is described in this psalm as “wonderful, pleasant, precious, and refreshing”. What a contrast to the world of disharmony we live in today. Our harmony sets us apart for God’s use…and reveals to the world what it means to have life in Jesus. Let’s work together to serve God in harmony and bring him glory in everything we do.

Samantha Rasch