Read Exodus 14


Paralysis by analysis, anyone feel what I’m saying here?  There are times in my life when I get caught up in looking at all the options or all the details, it sometimes leads to the point where I simply can not make a decision.  It reminds me of the time I made the mistake of telling my 6 year old she could choose any box of cereal she wanted.  In the past, I offered her 2 choices and she was able to make a pretty speedy selection—whichever had the most sugar seemed to be how she made her choice.  But this time, I thought she was old enough to simply select her favorite and we would move on.  Wrong.  Way wrong.   When I tried to offer a choice she quickly reminded me I had told her she could choose “on her own”.  Have you walked down the cereal aisle at the height of a 6 year old?  Shoot, it can be intimidating for a grown adult, to a 4 foot tall sugar addict it was paralyzing.  We were in that aisle for what seemed like 30 minutes to me. Now that same child takes forever in choosing her nail polish color, so many choices often makes it hard to decide.

In Exodus 14 we see where the Israelites had just 2 choices, move forward and drown or stay still and be slaughtered.  Either choice seemed to have the same result, death.  Talk about a paralyzing situation!  Fear must have stopped them cold.  I can’t even imagine all the thoughts that were racing through their minds, we get a glimpse in Exodus 14:12 where they were wishing they would have just remained slaves in Egypt.  Regret & fear all at the same time.  

Then the Lord says to Go Forward.  Really?  Into the water?  In our earthly minds this absolutely makes zero sense, but in times of intense stress sometimes all you need is someone to tell you what to do.  And they did, they went forward.  And the rest is a sheer miracle from the Lord Almighty!

What are you looking back on with regret?  What fear are you letting paralyze you from making a choice?  Fear can paralyze you.  God simply says Go Forward.  If you are His disciple, if you are listening to His voice just obey, move forward and let the same great Lord Almighty show you He has got this.


Sheila Konitzer