Read Genesis 45

The holiday season is usually a time where families get together and find time to invest in each other’s lives. It is also a time where many families find themselves separated because of quarrels, disagreements, and blatant selfishness. You are possibly one of those people; either hurt from betrayal or the one doing the hurting. I want to encourage you to use this season as one for reconciliation with those that you have wronged, or to use it as a time of healing and forgiveness for those who have wronged you.

Genesis 45 is a perfect example of what this looks like. Joseph’s life was a huge sob story. He was thrown in a pit, sold into slavery, and distanced from his family in the matter of days, then jailed unjustly in Egypt. Even despite that, the Lord brought him into a place of favor and leadership and used his circumstances as a blessing. This blessing was not only for all the land of Egypt, but also for his betrayers. We can sometimes feel like we are dealing out justice by excommunicating the people that hurt us, but we are actually choosing something detrimental to our growth in Christ. Not choosing to be the stewards of blessing as God would have us be is a direct obstacle of reconciliation.

I encourage you to find someone that you have had a falling out with and seek out healing in that relationship. God brought you into your blessings so that you could share them with not only those close to you but also with those who have hurt and betrayed you.

— Mitchell Ressell