Read Genesis 37 

Have you ever felt like God told you something that sounded ridiculous? Have you ever heard someone say that God told them something that sounded ridiculous to you? Now imagine if the person telling you this was your own brother! I think anyone that grew up with siblings may be able to sympathize just a little with Joseph’s brothers. Maybe you wouldn’t throw your sibling in a pit, but could you imagine if your little brother or sister told you that you would bow down to them one day? Well, that’s the beginning of the story of Joseph.

Now, Joseph’s brothers were clearly in the wrong when they threw him in the pit. However, I think we have to ask ourselves, would Joseph’s story have played out the same way if they hadn’t? Would Joseph have been able to reach the place that God had for him if he hadn’t started in the pit?

As you continue to read the story of Joseph, keep in mind that the pit is where his story began. Maybe you are experiencing a pit of your own right now. Maybe you feel as though you have been betrayed or left behind. Possibly something you have loved has been taken away from you. Whatever pit you may currently find yourself in could be the beginning of God’s plan to do something amazing in your life. Joseph’s story takes him from the pit to a palace. Are you ready to stay faithful so God can take you to your palace?

— Jake Ikerd