Read Genesis 41

The life of Joseph is fascinating…particularly in regard to him being a ‘type’ or picture of Jesus. Like Jesus; Joseph was unjustly accused, sentenced with two others – one went free upon Joseph’s word and one did not (two thieves), rose from prison and certain death to sit next to the king and rule over the land with grace and mercy, providing sustenance to a world in famine – those he once served, now “bow the knee” to him. Great stuff!

However, what stood out to me as I read chapter 41 today, was what Joseph named his two sons: Manasseh (‘Forgetful’) and Ephraim (‘Fruitful’). Manasseh reminded Joseph that God had made him forget all the hardship he had endured, and Ephraim reminded him of how God was blessing him…even in affliction.

God has done the same thing in my life. He has blessed me with forgetting. Not that I can’t remember the losses and heartbreaks that life has given me – but through God’s grace, I have been able to move forward as if I had forgotten them. They are not crippling me emotionally, or keeping me from growing spiritually. At the same time, God has made me fruitful…even in times of affliction. By God’s mercy, I am the recipient of love, joy, and peace. I am partnering with Him in eternal purposes to be a blessing to the people around me. In fact, like Joseph, I can see how God has used my affliction to bring blessing in ways I could never have imagined otherwise.

What has God allowed you to forget by his grace? How is God, by his mercy, making you fruitful?

— Kent Liles