Read Psalm 136 for all future time; continually.

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that nothing in this world lasts forever.  The car you were so in love with when you bought it, is repeatedly in the repair shop.  Those fancy new tennis shoes you bought, are now scuffed and worn. Even the roof with the lifetime warranty doesn’t truly last forever. The only thing that truly lasts forever is Gods love. 26 times the writer of this Psalm gives us something to praise God for, then reminds us that His love lasts “for all future time”!

Think of what this means. When we sin and need forgiveness, His love endures forever. When our life is messy and we can’t control it, His love endures forever.  Whenever circumstances seem overwhelming, we can still praise God, as His love is always present-for all future time and continually.

Next time you hear the word “forever”, think about how it’s being used and remember, Gods love for us is the only thing that truly lasts forever!


Connie Delphon