Read Deuteronomy 6

Freed from the slavery of Egypt the Hebrew people are entering a time of blessing and prosperity. On the eve of this assent, the people are given a stern warning to never forgot the horror they have been delivered from and hold true to their purpose as a force of good in the world. (vs. 12)

The text states there is unmerited favor being poured out on the Israelites after decades of suffering in bondage and oppression. They are admonished to not take this blessing for granted. (vs. 10-11) They are instructed to tell these stories to their children and children’s children in order that they would never become the same kind of oppressors they were delivered from. (vs. 20-25)

This message is one that holds especially true in our current age. Don’t forget the unmerited favor we have been given, despising it and in turn becoming the very type of oppression we want to see others delivered from. 1 Kings tells us of the abuse of power under Solomon’s reign and subsequent kings who lost the plot, they forgot to heed the warning of their ancestors becoming the very pharaohs they had escaped.

How can we as a people living in the greatest military-industrial-complex the world has ever seen not lose the plot? How can we continue to be a force for good in the world that lives out the Jesus story of inclusion and love?

God, I pray, may we learn the lessons of the past and partner with your restoration in the world!

— Christian Trent