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Sunday, August 30, 2015


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Personal outreach is what God has called us to do as individuals. It’s incarnational, organic, it’s who we are. It comes from the radical change that God effected in our lives. It’s a calling to be, not just to do. Grace does not teach personal evangelism as an event but as what we naturally become when God saves us. For that reason, you won’t find programs that teach methodology, you’ll find a call to serve. Serving on a regular basis, that’s personal outreach.

Personal evangelism should come from a desire to follow God’s command out of Acts 1:8 – to be witnesses in our families, our communities, our country, and around the world. And this is all based on the redeeming action of the cross. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 we are referred to as “new creations in Christ.” We understand that means we should no longer be focused on ourselves, but focused on others.

Check out the volunteer page to start your adventure of personal evangelism today! To find out all the Outreach events going on at Grace, search the "Outreach" category on the online calendar.

Did you know that in an effort to be consistent with one of Grace's core values, Outward Focus, Grace allocates the first 10% of all tithes to the Missions Ministry?  

Part of no longer being focused on ourselves is being broken before God and being broken-hearted by the world. As believers, we should all see others as Christ sees them. We should never have an “us versus them” attitude towards the world. We should instead go into the world with the same humility that Christ showed. Philippians 2:8 describes Jesus’ passion and humility, even to the point of dying on the cross for sins He did not commit. This should also be our attitude – to be willing to die to our own wants and desires so that all may hear God’s story of love through Jesus.

Because of this love for others, monthly we will have opportunities to get involved locally or globally. You might serve at the monthly “Friday Night Live!” event with Freedom Fire that takes place every fourth Friday night in downtown Kansas City. It’s a great opportunity to play with and engage urban kids who come from an array of backgrounds, few of which are positive.

Or you may choose to volunteer with Mission Southside, a Johnson County ministry that collects, bags, and distributes meals to children that won’t get to eat that weekend unless they get their meal from Mission Southside.

At any given point small groups might be teaching personal outreach or evangelism. Grace will offer courses to help people understand what evangelism is – telling the good news of Jesus through our own story.

Grace desires to understand what being a humble servant means. We seek to serve other ministries so that we can be co-laborers and partners.

Check out the volunteer page to start your adventure of personal evangelism today! To find out all the Outreach events going on at Grace, search the "Outreach" category on the online calendar.

Did you know that in an effort to be consistent with one of Grace's core values, Outward Focus, Grace allocates the first 10% of all tithes to the Missions Ministry?



Outreach Partner of the Month

Click below to see our Local Outreach Partner for the month and a list of needed items. You can drop off your donations at the Outreach Center in the lobby.

Outreach Partner of the Month



Check out our recap video of Serve Day 2014!

Here are some of the local ministries that we support:

  • Avenue of Life Open or Close

    Avenue of Life's vision is to be catalysts for transformation in the Kansas City community by breaking the cycle of poverty through community development, collaborative partnerships, and wrap-around services. Some of their programs include a transitional internship program, an equipping center, a neighborhood renewal program, and a business training center. To get involved visit their website at


  • Freedom Fire Open or Close

    Freedom Fire is an urban ministry in the heart of downtown Kansas City. The organization is dedicated to strengthening the young people of the inner city by equipping them to guide the community spiritually, economically, and socially. You can get involved by attending a Freedom Fire Friday Night Live which typically occurs the 4th Friday of every month (search the Outreach category on the online calendar). You can also get involved by becoming a tutor for one of the kids they work with. For more information on Freedom Fire and more ways to get involved, please visit their website.

  • Kansas City Rescue Mission Open or Close

    Kansas City Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community in downtown Kansas City. They provide a wide range of services including food, safe shelter, clean facilities, case management, a recovery program, and job and life-skills training. You can get involved by serving a meal onsite, organizing donations, leading a Bible study, or attending the weekly “Game Nights” – every Saturday night from 5:30-7:00p.


  • Mission Southside Open or Close

    Mission Southside’s purpose is to partner with churches, “helps” organizations, businesses, and individuals to bring help and hope to those in need throughout the Johnson County area by meeting physical and spiritual needs. They sponsor free garage sales, a back snack program, providing hot meals on Wednesday nights, and free pickup for furniture donations. To see some of the many opportunities to serve at Mission Southside please visit their website at


Acts 1:8 gives a list of areas that Jesus sent his followers into. That can easily be seen as a basis for depth, not just as destinations. Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth that are mentioned in Acts 1:8 are not necessarily an itinerary. We believe it’s a limit. We are called to be witnesses. So long as you are on planet earth, you are witnessing God’s grace to the right people!

Our global challenge is to pick specific areas where we can go deep with relationships, as well as deep with intentionality. Not to be scattered everywhere, but to pick a handful of places and allow God to work through us. Grace seeks to develop partnerships with churches, pastors, and ministries in other countries. We seek to encourage and equip them, but above all, to allow them to reach their own. Whether that’s through church planting, medical missions, building projects, business as mission, or some other avenue; we believe that all believers have unique talents and gifts that can impact the world.

We work with partners in many countries and regions such as Romania, Egypt, Africa, the Middle East, Kurdistan, Haiti, and others. From small business development to church planting, Grace wants to be involved in sending people to help impact other people, so that they can reach out to and lead their own people to Christ.

Check out the volunteer page to start your adventure of personal evangelism today! To find out all the Outreach events going on at Grace, search the "Outreach" category on the online calendar.

Did you know that in an effort to be consistent with one of Grace's core values, Outward Focus, Grace allocates the first 10% of all tithes to the Missions Ministry?

Here are some of the global ministries that we support:

  • Behdini Kurds Open or Close

    Grace believes we can have the greatest impact by strategically and intentionally focusing on a “least reached” people group. Since 2009, we’ve focused our efforts on the Kurdish people in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq and here in the USA. Projects that Grace has been involved in have included church planting, village outreach, a hair salon/professional exchange, a bee-keeping farm, and soy bean plant, a widow housing project, and others. We believe that by investing into the lives of Kurds we can help the Kurdish people reach their own with the Gospel.

  • Doug & Camelia Howey Open or Close


    Doug & Camelia are missionaries sent by Grace Church and have been church planters in Brasov, Romania with Global Church – Biserica International, Brasov since November of 2011. Doug & Camelia have three daughters Olivia, Mira, and the newest daughter, Attalia Sue Howey who was born on June 30th of this year. Doug was previously on staff at Grace and felt led to return to Romania, the birthplace of his wife, in order to lead a church there. Currently, they are studying the language and learning the culture while working with Romanian pastors to develop their church in Brasov, one of the largest cities in Romania.

  • English Center Open or Close

    This ministry is a Holland based NGO that was started 19 years ago. Its vision is to bring lasting improvements in the quality of life for vulnerable and isolated communities in disadvantaged regions in the world. Previous projects in Northern Iraq have focused on services for children with disabilities, Physical Therapy Education, training for teachers of children with learning difficulties, publishing educational materials, providing an income generating project for widows, and developing an agricultural project.

  • Good News in Action Open or Close

    Good News In Action has been sharing the Gospel with people in the marketplaces of the world and planting churches in an effort to glorify God through the expansion of His kingdom.

    Since 1985, Good News In Action has seen over 230,000 people make professions of faith in its evangelistic outreaches and helped start over 50 churches. It is currently helping support 16 national missionaries in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua and will be starting a new work in Costa Rica next year. Grace Church has been a partner with Good News in Action since 1999, providing prayer and financial support. In addition, Grace Church has participated in many short-term mission trips to Central America from 2000 to 2007.

  • Mission of Hope, Haiti Open or Close

    Mission of Hope is a Christ-centered organization that exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. Mission of Hope focuses on advancing the church, Christ-centered education, and meeting needs by providing nutrition, healthcare, orphan care, and more. Grace Church first began partnership with Mission of Hope when Grace Student Ministries traveled to Haiti in the summer of 2012. For more information check out their webpage.

  • Ray of Hope, Amazon Open or Close

    Ray of Hope is a non-profit organization that seeks to transform the lives of children and families in villages scattered along the edge of the Amazon River through very practical ways. WHEN JESUS walked the earth He attended to both spiritual and physical needs. Whether feeding 5000, washing feet, healing the sick, or speaking the truth in love, Jesus showed His love and care with a holistic viewpoint. Ray of Hope tries to follow His way of meeting the needs that are brought before them. They believe it is only through salvation that there can be lasting change, but physical needs of the people must also be addressed. For more info, visit the Ray of Hope website.

  • Samir & Amy Open or Close

    Samir and Amy are Avant Ministries missionaries using the internet as a medium for their witness and outreach. Their web site is the biggest apologetic web site regarding Is- lam and Christianity with over 10,000 visitors a day and communicate with several Muslims through email in closed countries like Saudi, Iraq, and Libya. Through the use of the internet, they reach any Arabic speaking Muslim anywhere in the world.

  • Sazan Hoxhaj Open or Close

    Sazan, a native Albanian, followed God’s call to start a church in Durres to reach young men and women. With the addition of 4 Albanian men and women along with 3 American men and women, the church has grown so much (doubled in the past 15 years) that they are in need of a bigger building. Their primary focus is on evangelism.

  • Steve & Ally Baker Open or Close

    The Bakers are now in Valladolid, Spain and are working with Spaniards to learn the language. They have spent a great deal of time trying to reach the Spaniards and have been able to use an English conversation group to both hone their language skills and to begin reaching the locals. They are also currently building their team and have had some remarkable contacts with people. Please pray that they continue to gain competency in the language and to build those crucial relationships that will give them great opportunities in Spain.

  • Tass & Karen Open or Close

    Tass, a former PLO under Arafat, and his wife Karen have been taking the message of peace to Jews (the people he once fought against) and to the Muslims (the brethren he was once willing to die for). In 1996, they began Hope for Ishmael, a ministry dedicated to reconciliation between Arabs and Jews, along with Seeds of Hope, Inc. Because of its dedication to reaching out in love to Muslims, many Iraqis, Filipinos, Palestinians, Americans and Europeans have seen the Gospel in action and their lives have been radically changed.



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