At Grace Church we are committed to plant 100 new churches or campuses in the next twenty years. We are excited for this new journey we are on and we invite you to take part in it. We have recently started a church planting network, a church planting residency and in 2018 we will be launching “Send Step”, a church planting school designed to train and equip those with a heart for this vision. In the meantime, if you have any questions about church planting, our network, or our residency, please reach out, we would love to chat with you!


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Learn more about the vision God has given Grace Church to plant churches. Pastor Tim explains the who, what and why of church planting.



What is a multi-site church?

A multi-site church is one church in multiple locations. It enables us to plant the church in new areas with the support, resourcing, and infrastructure of an established church.

How is a multi-site campus different than an independent church plant?

An independent church plant is a group of people who leave a church to go plant a brand new church. Independent church plants have their own pastor, their own board, their own branding, and their own budget (with some financial help from the “sending” church). They are a new entity.

A multi-site campus is more like a branch of Grace Church with the same name, same logo, same senior pastor, same board, same ministry style, and same vision for the future.

Why multi-site?

Our vision has always been about disciple-making. Grace models itself after the outward-focused church in Antioch (Acts 11, Acts 13). For the next season of making disciples, our strategy will be church planting. By planting churches, we can make more disciples (Matthew 28). Church plants are typically 6-8 times more evangelistically effective than existing churches.

God is prompting Grace to move forward with both independent church plants and multi-site campuses. We have been praying together as a team (Acts 13:1-4) and are sensing that this is what God wants us to do (Proverbs 24:6).

Where will the new site be located?

Our new site will be in Olathe at Prairie Creek Elementary located at 167th and Mur-Len. It’s a 12-14 minute drive from our existing campus.

How did we determine where to launch the new campus?

Multi-site studies have shown that the most successful multi-site launches begin where the second largest population of attendees live. Our second largest population lives in Olathe, specifically in south Olathe.

When do we plan to launch the new site?

The grand opening of Grace Church Olathe is scheduled for Super Bowl weekend, February 5, 2017. In November Grace will launch the first services for the new multi-site in the Venue during one of our normal service times.

Who will lead the new campus?

Kent Liles will be the new Campus Pastor. Kent has been our Grace Groups Director since January 2015. Kent will remain on staff as part of our pastoral team and teaching team.

What is the role of the Campus Pastor?

The Campus Pastor is the key leader of the campus. He oversees the ministries at the campus and shepherds the people who worship and serve there.

Will there be other staff members at the Olathe Campus?

Yes, Grace Church will be staffing the site with the equivalent of three and a half full-time employees. Some roles will be part time and some will be full time. The plan is to staff the following roles/ministry areas: Campus Pastor, Grace Kids, Grace Students, Worship, Worship Tech, and Administrative support.

How will we deliver the messages at the new site, and what will worship be like?

Worship will be led by a live band and in the same style as that of the existing site. Messages at the new site will be predominantly delivered by video.

What is going to be available at the new campus?

We will do the same things at the Olathe Campus that we do at our existing campus. The new site is well-suited for Worship and Kid’s Worship, as well as Grace Kids classrooms. Grace Students will meet on Sunday nights just as the other campus. SOAR will be available for those with special needs, and Grace Students will meet on Sunday nights just as the other campus.

Our focus for both sites is:

  • Weekend Worship
  • Grace Groups
  • Outreach

How will we pay for this new site?

Our Olathe Campus, along with any future locations, will be funded by two sources – some costs will be provided by The Ultimate Investment capital campaign fund; other costs will be provided by budgeting out of the Grace Church general fund.

What if I live in Olathe but want to attend the Overland Park Campus?

Of course you are free to attend any campus of Grace Church. You may have a greater opportunity to impact your neighbors by attending a campus nearer your home. We would encourage you to ask God what He would have you to do. Be willing to participate at whichever campus He prefers. Ask Him to show you how and where He wants you to use the gifts He has given you.

What if members in my Grace Group attend different campuses?

We are still one church. Grace Group members are not required to attend the same campus.

What can I do to be part of launching this site? When and how can I get involved?

First, pray for God’s continued direction and blessing. Pray that God prepares the hearts of those in Olathe.

Attend the informational meetings in May and June to get details on how you can get involved. Attend the Olathe home meetings in early fall. Prepare to serve in a ministry with our Olathe Campus team.