Careers at Grace Church


We are constantly striving to be awesome at serving God through our local church. Listed below are the most important staff values to us as a team, and we are seeking people to join us who share in these same values. If you want to know more about how we work to passionately advance God’s Kingdom in our community and throughout the world, then check out our career opportunities and internships below!



Here at Grace Church, our staff is not only qualified to get the job done, but called as well. We strive to create an atmosphere with people who are enthusiastic, hard-working and full of faith & joy who seek to grow spiritually as well as professionally. We are energetic, fun and passionate about showing the love of Jesus to all people.

Office Serve Opportunities

Those who serve in the office at Grace are a vital part of assisting our staff with administrative needs. These people typically serve during a scheduled weekly time-slot and have a heart for providing behind the scenes administrative support. We have serve opportunities for people who enjoy roles such a data entry, answering phones & greeting visitors, and finance-related tasks.

Serve at Grace

You may contact us with questions at