James Adams

Pastoral Resident

Chris Anderson

Communications Director

Heather Benak

Administrative Assistant for Executive Team

Fanny Bolima

Systems Developer

Steve Booth

Director of Operations

Jim Brown

Facility Technician

Rachel Caldwell

Administrative Assistant for Operations

Tammy Cash


Jill Eldridge

IT Director

Debbi Gifford

Data Coordinator

Doug Heim

Facility and Security Director

Debbie Horner


Tim Howey

Senior Pastor

Lindsay Jackson

Connections Coordinator

Sheila Konitzer

Director of Connections

Jenell Puett

Human Resources Director

Justin Raby

Outreach Director

John Rauscher

Finance Director

Erica Rocklage

Human Resources Coordinator

Josh Rocklage

Video Production Specialist

Andrew Schumann

Worship Arts Director & Project Manager

James Stilts


Christian Trent

Design & Marketing Coordinator