Read Exodus 27

The altar was the place where things come to die.

The Jewish priests would continuously bring offerings to the Lord on the altar. The spotless blood of the animal would cover the sin and disobedience of the people toward God.

There were specific rules the priest had to follow for a sin offering.  Like the animal had to be male and without spot or blemish. They would place their hand on the animal signifying the animal taking on the sin of the person. They did this over and over and over again because the animal sacrifice only covered their sin.

This was just a “Band-Aid” — a temporary fix — until Jesus the Lamb of God would come and lay his life down. His sacrifice took away the sins of the world for those who believe in Him.

For those of us in Christ, the perfect blood of Jesus has taken our sin from us. You are now seen as perfect and holy in the eyes of God the Father because of what Christ has done for you and world.  Jesus left heaven to die on our behalf.

Make a list of a few things you still struggle with.

How do you view this list in light of Jesus taking away the sins of the world?

What has Christ done with your sin?  

— Russell Schultz